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Websites offering online therapy via Skype


There are a growing number of online therapy sites offering counseling over the internet (Internet Therapy). Many of these online therapy websites provide an excellent alternative to office-base therapy, but do be sure to email the prospective counselor first to make sure that he or she is right for you. Trust your intuition; it will always be your best guide in selecting the right online therapist for you. You should also pick a therapy site that offers psychotherapy via Skype. You need to see each other for psychotherapy to be effective. You don’t need to be in the same room, but you do need to see each other.


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Online Therapy Sites offering Mindfulness Therapy over Skype

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, and I am a professional online therapist. I offer online therapy for anxiety, online treatment for depression, online therapy for recovery from addiction, and online therapy for any other emotional problems that you may be experiencing.

So, when you are deciding on which online therapy site to use, make sure that you can, first of all, correspond with the prospective therapist to determine that they are the right fit for you, that you feel comfortable with the person and that you like their approach. Many people, for example, visit my online therapy site,, because they are particularly interested in Mindfulness Therapy, and they will have searched for Mindfulness Therapy via Goggle.

So, if you are interested in Mindfulness Therapy, please do contact me through my website and I will be happy to answer your questions and explore together whether online mindfulness therapy is a good choice for you. It certainly is for most people. The mindfulness-based therapy or mindfulness-based cognitive therapy approach works extremely well online, and it is especially recommended for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

So, if you are interested in learning more about the mindfulness approach for overcoming anxiety or depression, please visit my online therapy website and send me an email. I will look forward to answering your questions and scheduling an online Skype therapy session with you. So, please, if you would like to talk to a therapist online, CONTACT ME. Thank you!


Online therapy sites - Skype Counseling Service for anxiety and depression and for managing anger and stress more effectively



There must have been a moment when you felt the loss of somebody dear and took it to your heart. Your companions or friends may have responded by suggesting that you research into online psychotherapy websites for a counseling session. There are periods when we unknowingly confound our lives by directing our thoughts in a destructive and negative manner, particularly when we’re feeling low. Our mind is exceptionally complex and we’re all extremely passionate creatures. The mental disorder of our day-by-day life caused by our very hectic personal lives or professional lives may be some times excessively tough, making it impossible to handle. A visit to a psychiatric counselor may be more than necessary and would take valuable time out of your daily schedule. Still, when your mind is not at peace, then you may need to visit an online therapy site to get the help you need through online counseling sessions.

Psychotherapeutic Healing Online

A meeting with an online psychotherapist can be very helpful if you are struggling with anxiety or depression or an addiction by helping you resolve the underlying emotional imbalance that is causing the problem. There are many online psychotherapy sites currently offering E-Therapy, or Skype Therapy so do take your time in researching these therapy websites to find the one that feels right for you and is able to offer you the kind of help you are looking for. Nowadays, online therapy and online counseling services are becoming well accepted. Some simply provide a counseling service, where you can talk to someone who is genuinely interested in helping you express yourself. This kind of talk therapy service can provide a very beneficial catharsis for you, which can alleviate the symptoms of your anxiety or depression. Other online therapy services are geared more towards psychotherapy, where the focus is on healing the underlying cause of your anxiety, depression or addiction. The Online Mindfulness Therapy Service that I provide focuses on helping you heal core emotional trauma or negative beliefs.

During the Skype Therapy sessions that I provide, which are usually 90 minutes long, and offered on a weekly basis, we focus on completely changing the way you relate to your emotions. This is such an important factor, and one of the hallmarks of Mindfulness Therapy. Most of us do not have a stable relationship with our emotions or thoughts and memories or any other content of the mind. We simply become identified with our emotions and thoughts, we become overwhelmed by them and we become reactive. This identification-based reactivity simply reinforces the underlying core emotional structure of the anxiety or depression and prevent it healing or changing.

Mindfulness practice teaches us how to “sit” with our emotions without becoming reactive and without becoming incapacitated by them. Establishing this nonreactive relationship (referred to as equanimity or upekkha in Buddhist psychology) with our emotional pain is absolutely essential for healing. The first phase of Mindfulness Therapy is all about establishing this equanimity, known as Right Relationship, with your thoughts, emotions and memories.

When we have Right Relationship, then we can enter into the second phase of Mindfulness Therapy known as the Resolution Process, in which we investigate the emotional imagery that creates anxiety, depression or any other emotion and we begin to explore how to change this imagery. It is by changing the emotional imagery that the emotion heals and resolves itself.

Mindfulness-based Online Therapy Sites


Online Therapy Websites offering Mindfulness Therapy

I am a professional psychotherapist, and I offer online therapy over Skype for the treatment of anxiety and depression and many other emotional problems, without the use of prescription medications.

You may have been searching through Google to find online therapy sites that provide some form of online counseling or psychotherapy to help you manage anxiety, depression or addictions. There are many online therapy websites available today and most of them really are about putting you in contact with someone who can listen to your problems and help you in that way; a listening service. This is what I understand by the term “counseling” and online counseling is good for many people.

I try to provide something rather more focused than just a listening service; I want to help teach you very strategic and practical mindfulness-based strategies for overcoming the underlying cause of anxiety, depression or addiction.

So, during the online therapy sessions that I offer via Skype, I will teach you very practical methods and most people really enjoy this approach – the Mindfulness approach – to making changes. It’a very effective, it’s very convenient and comfortable for you, and it gives you practical tools. This quite different to just talking about problems, which does not necessarily give you those practical tools that you can use yourself.

So, if you are interested in learning more about this online therapy service, please do visit my online therapy website,, and send me an email. That’s the first thing – tell me about your needs and how I can help you. Ask all your questions so that we can make sure that this is the right choice for you. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with the person that you decide to work with. So, that’s the first step – send me an email through my website.

After that we can schedule a Trial Skype Therapy Session, and during that session I will start to introduce you these mindfulness-based methods for working with anxiety, depression or other emotional problems. It’s very practical, very positive, very empowering and I think you will enjoy this a great deal. So, CONTACT ME. Let’s schedule a trial session and see how this works for you.


Online Therapy Websites for Anxiety and Depression


Online Therapy Websites

I am a professional online therapist, providing Mindfulness Therapy, primarily, for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, and other emotional issues that you may be struggling with.

So, there are many online therapy sites available now, some specializing in online therapy for addictions, others specializing in online counseling for anxiety, and others for the online treatment of depression. Many of these online therapy sites primarily provide information and resources, and some are basically directories of therapists who are available to work online with you.

So, with my online therapy website,, I specialize in providing individual instruction in Mindfulness Therapy for the treatment of anxiety, depression and addictions.

This style of therapy is proving to be very effective indeed especially for anxiety disorders. Unlike talk therapy and unlike medications, Mindfulness Therapy really focuses on helping you transform the actual process itself that creates your emotional suffering. Talk therapy traditionally only really treats symptoms, and the same is true for medications, whether they are antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, they may provide a temporary relief from symptoms, but they do very little to change the underlying process that causes the anxiety or depression.

Mindfulness Therapy does address that underlying cause. It helps you actually transform the habitual reactive thinking that tends to fuel anxiety and depression. But is also teaches you how to change the internal structure of your emotions. Whether that’s anxiety or depression or addiction, all emotions have an internal structure and that structure primarily revolves around internal imagery. You may not be aware of this imagery, but when you bring mindfulness to it and begin to investigate the structure of your emotions you will uncover this emotional imagery.

It’s a very important factor in determining the strength of your emotions. Once you begin to uncover the emotional imagery, then you can begin to change that imagery consciously. You can restructure that internal imagery, and when you change the imagery you will, indeed, change the emotion itself. You will decrease it’s intensity.

So. working with imagery is a very important factor in Mindfulness Therapy.

If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness Therapy and my online therapy website, do please visit my website and read the articles that are posted there, watch more of the videos on the site and then CONTACT ME to ask any questions you have about how to work with anxiety or depression, both through online therapy and through employing the methods of Mindfulness Therapy that I teach.

Most people can expect to see quite significant improvements in their anxiety or depression after only 3 or 4 sessions of this online mindfulness therapy. The reason why it’s so effective, of course, is because we are addressing the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression or addiction.

So, please visit my site and the email me and let’s schedule a trial Skype therapy session. All the details are on my website and all you need to do is contact me when you feel ready to schedule an online therapy session. Thank you!


Talk to a therapist online. Online Psychotherapy. Need to Talk to an Online Therapist? Online Therapy and Counseling via Skype. Best online therapy sites for anxiety and depression.
Need to Talk to an Online Therapist? Online Therapy and Counseling via Skype


Best Skype psychotherapy sites – Online Psychotherapy

The best psychotherapy sites will be those that offer therapy via Skype. It is really important that you see each other in real-time to make communication effective, which will be essential for effective psychotherapy. Contact me if you would like to learn more about psychotherapy via Skype.

Best Skype psychotherapy sites – Online Psychotherapy

Best Psychotherapy Sites for Anxiety

The mindfulness therapy approach that I offer via Skype is very well respected as a treatment for anxiety disorders, it will teach you how to overcome the emotional habits that create anxiety and depression.

Best Skype Psychotherapy Sites – Online Therapy Sessions via Skype. Email me to learn more about online therapy.

I am happy to answer your questions about online therapy, and when you feel ready, you can schedule Skype therapy session with me.


Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online psychotherapist. I specialize in Online Mindfulness-based Therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression and help with addictions.

Now, anxiety therapy online is becoming highly popular for many reasons. Convenience is certainly one of those reasons, but another very important reason is, of course, because of the condition itself – anxiety. People plagued by anxiety often find it extremely difficult to visit a therapist in his or her office, in-person. So the online counseling option offers a very attractive alternative for the treatment of anxiety and also for other anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia and extreme shyness.

Whatever the style of psychotherapy that you are attracted to, you need to work with the underlying structure of the anxiety or depression itself.

Conventional Talk Therapy can be beneficial, but often it does not look at the underlying structure, the underlying process that creates your anxiety and depression.

The same can be said for medications – the prescription medications may relieve symptoms for awhile, but medications are not going to change the underlying process that produces your anxiety or depression.

So, it is important to seek what we can call a process-centered therapy that focuses on changing the underlying process that creates the anxiety or depression. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is an example of a process-oriented therapy. Mindfulness Therapy, which is a system of work that I developed in the 1980’s incorporates Cognitive Therapy along with mindfulness, and this is another quite popular process-oriented therapy.

Email me to learn more about this online psychotherapy service and to schedule a therapy session with me.
This service is available throughout the USA, UK and Europe and world-wide.


Best Skype Psychotherapy Sites - Online Therapy Sessions via Skype
Skype therapy service for anxiety and depression


Online Therapist Sites – Effective Help for Anxiety & Depression


There are many online therapist sites available now offering either counseling or psychotherapy. If you are interested in working with an online therapist then please go to my website and learn more about the style of online therapy that I offer over Skype.

Online Therapist Sites

Working with an online therapist is just as effective as seeing a psychotherapist in-person. There is really no difference. As long as you are able to see each other and talk to each other in real-time then you’re getting the same quality of communication for most purposes. There may be some styles of psychotherapy that don’t work very well online, but certainly, the style of therapy that I offer, which is Mindfulness Therapy, works extremely well online, and most of my clients actually prefer this approach.

It’s much more empowering for you, the client. It’s less clinical in nature; you are not meant to feel like a patient, rather we treat you with respect and compassion, understanding that what you really need is not a treatment but a set of strategies for working with your anxiety or depression. You need tools, and that’s what I provide during my online therapy sessions.

So, there are, as I say, many online therapy sites available; most of them provide, basically a listening service that allows you to connect with someone to talk to about your problems. And, certainly, talking about your emotions is valuable, it provides an outlet and sometimes you can get very good insights from the active listener or counselor that help you change your perspective on things.

But, most of the clients who come to me have already tried  some form of conventional talk therapy and they find that it is just not enough. The anxiety or depression persists, it’s not changed by talking about it.

That’s really the focus of the Mindfulness Therapy that I teach online. We are interested in changing the actual process that produces the anxiety and depression. We are interested in changing the reactive habitual thinking that produces anxiety or depression. We are interested in changing the actual structure of the emotion itself How you see it in the mind is extremely important.

These strategies work very well indeed, especially for anxiety and depression.

Online Therapist Sites. Mindfulness Meditation Therapy for anxiety, depression, fear, anger, stress.
Mindfulness Meditation Therapy for Emotional Well-being

So, what do we do during an online therapy session? Well, primarily I will teach you mindfulness-based methods to work with your emotions so that you are able to learn how to make a space for your emotion, without becoming overwhelmed by it. And that is the first and perhaps most important step in mindfulness therapy.

We don’t spend a lot of time talking about emotions, rather we spend our time establishing a conscious relationship with our emotions. It’s learning to be with your emotion without becoming reactive, without becoming identified with the emotion. This is what actually catalyzes change.

When you can sit with your emotion, the emotion will begin to change itself in most cases. Anxiety will heal if you are able to sit with that anxiety without becoming reactive. Depression will heal if you can sit with that depression as you might sit with a friend or a child in pain, without becoming reactive yourself.

This basic movement is called the LIBERATING EFFECT of mindfulness. We learn to break free from our habitual patterns that simply feed the anxiety or depression, or anger, or obsession, or whatever it might be. We learn to establish a conscious but independent relationship with our emotions. This changes everything. This is what we call the MINDFULNESS-BASED RELATIONSHIP and as I say, this is a big focus of what I teach during the online therapy sessions.

Online Therapy Websites offering Mindfulness Meditation Therapy for Emotional WellbeingOnline Mindfulness therapy for Anxiety and Depression and for stress management
Mindfulness Therapy Online

Another thing that we focus on tremendously during the online Skype therapy sessions is looking at the structure of the emotions themselves, and this means looking at the imagery of the emotions.

Imagery is the natural language of emotion, it is how you see it in the mind that actually creates that emotion, and the more intense the imagery, the more intense the emotion will be. The key here is, the more you see of this emotional imagery, the more you are able to change it, and the more you can change the imagery the more you will change the emotion itself.

Online Therapy Sites for Depression to help you fight your depression or anxiety
Online Therapy Site for Depression

For example, if you are suffering from depression, chances are that that emotion will be very dark in color, black or dark blue, purple. This is something you can investigate yourself. Take a look at your emotion. What color is it? That color is an important part of it’s structure. It needs to be that color in order to create depression.

So, this is part of what we call the INVESTIGATION FACTOR of mindfulness. We investigate the structure of our emotions to find out how they actually work. The more you see, the more you can change.

So, if you are thinking about working with an online therapist through Skype, do please go to my website and email me. I am available throughout the week and you only have to contact me to find a time that works for you. Generally that is not a problem even if you are living abroad. Of course, take the time zone into consideration.  am based in Colorado, that is Mountain Standard Time. So, if you are to the east the I will be able to see you in evening time, your time, and if you are to the west then it will earlier in the day.

So, any case, the main thing is if you are interested in online therapy, simply go to my website, watch more of the videos, and then contact me and we can schedule a trial sessions to see if this is the right approach for you.

So, please go to my website and CONTACT ME. Thank you!

Online Psychotherapist Sites – Talk to a Therapist Online

There are many online sites offering online therapy and counseling. This online therapy site specializes in mindfulness therapy and CBT for the treatment of anxiety and depression and other common and non-medical conditions that will benefit from psychotherapy. For most people anxiety and depression can be described as a psychological habit that has been learned either in reaction to childhood trauma or other difficult situations that have resulted in the establishment of a habitual reactive pattern. These habits can be changed through Mindfulness Therapy.

Contact me if you would like to learn more and if you would like to schedule an online therapy session via Skype with me.


Online Therapist Sites Specializing in Mindfulness Therapy for Treating Anxiety and Depression

Welcome. I offer online therapy for anxiety, online treatment for depression, all via Skype, as well as addiction recovery counseling online.

Now, if you’re interested in working with an internet therapist, you need to take the time to discover the best online therapist for your requirements. Online therapy is growing rather common these days and there are many services offering on-line therapy. What I would always advocate is that you can speak to your web therapist before you begin scheduling sessions with her or him. When they’re the appropriate online therapist for you, you have to find a way to, at least, correspond together through email to learn.

There are lots of different types of psychotherapy and you also must find the one which works for you personally.

We comprehend in Mindfulness Therapy that if you’re able to change that inherent emotion afterward themselves will be fundamentally changed by the ideas because they get insignificant and they get replaced by more favorable thoughts or thoughts which are better adjusted to the present conditions.

Emotion is what really fuels ideas and beliefs and this really is what we work on transforming. The first will be to establish that which we call a Mindfulness-Based Relationship together with your emotions. This really is learning without becoming identified with those emotions, without becoming overwhelmed by them to be present without becoming reactive.

The 2nd thing that I teach you during the internet treatment sessions of Mindfulness Therapy is the best way to work together with the arrangement of the emotion itself. You can go through the arrangement of those emotions work once you have a good relationship with your emotions then. And, in Mindfulness Therapy we realize that the primary structure of all emotions is in the kind of vision – how that emotion is seen by you internally. We create internal pictures that hold that emotional energy together to make nervousness or panic or depression or remorse or compulsion, as in an habit.

It is the inner image that we should improve. Mindfulness enables you to investigate that inner imagery by, and then, to find out its structure seeing more of its structure you can create changes in that construction, so that as you change the imagery, you alter the emotion.

So, we shift the vision, we shift the emotion and after that the ideas change in response to that change sequence.

So, because of this, changes are seen by folks much quicker than they would do with normal talk therapy. Normally, practically everyone that I’ve worked with has found and reported major changes in the frequency of mental episodes as well as in the level of the emotion within two. So, that’s rather important and, therefore, the Mindfulness Therapy strategy could be really cost-effective for you.

Online therapist sites - Online Psychotherapy. Need to Talk to an Online Therapist? Online Therapy and Counseling via Skype. Learn how to overcome anxiety through mindfulness meditation.
Need to Talk to an Online Therapist? Online Therapy through Skype is an excellent choice for you to consider

Online Therapist Sites that offer Skype Therapy

During these online therapy sessions, I will work with you as an online therapist, teaching you effective strategies for healing emotional suffering.

The main cause of anxiety or depression or addictions involves reactive thinking, patterns of habitual reactive thinking that get activated either through inner thoughts or through external stimuli and these reactive patterns of thinking tend to proliferate and fuel the underlying emotion. This is what we work on changing during the online therapy sessions using the methods of Mindfulness Therapy as our tool. You will quickly learn how to better manage your habitual thinking and how to stop the reactive process that feeds those underlying emotions.

Most clients see quite significant changes after 3 to 6 Skype sessions. Each session is usually 60-90 minutes long, and we can find a time that fits your schedule, if I have spaces available. All you need is a quiet place for your therapy sessions, Skype, and PayPal to make online payments after each therapy session.

So, if you are interested in learning more about the advantages of online therapy, please contact me. Contact me to learn more about this online counseling therapy service and find out more about how it can help you better manage your difficult emotions.


Visit my YouTube Channel to watch more videos about Skype Therapy: Your emails are very welcome.

Online Therapist Sites

Online Therapist Sites offering Mindfulness Therapy over Skype. See an online therapist. Mindfulness Psychotherapy Online over Skype. Mindfulness Meditation Therapy - Learn mindfulness meditation online via Skype


How to start Online Therapy

You will need to have a PC with an internet connection and Skype to use an online therapy service. Once your sessions are over, you can make your payment electronically via PayPal.

There is no doubt that online counseling sites offer numerous benefits to individuals who are looking for help with emotional problems. These meetings promote self-discovery, help you develop confidence and will give you the essential tools to manage your emotions more effectively, which will, in turn, help you better manage the external stresses you may be facing in your life or relationships with people. The availability of online therapy makes it easier for people to seek help, which is going to have a wide-ranging beneficial effect. With the changing face of technology, individuals can attend therapy sessions online with ease. Most specialists concur that online counseling websites can be extremely helpful, providing there is the right balance of face-to-face communication involved in the process.


Best Online Therapy Sites

In my opinion, the best online therapy websites will put you in touch with a psychotherapist who will teach you specific practical skills for better controlling your emotions.

The best online therapy sites will offer therapy over Skype. You must be able to see each other in real-time for psychotherapy to be effective, which is why I use Skype for therapy sessions. This approach works extremely well for overcoming anxiety and depression and other common emotional problems that you may be experiencing. Most of my clients have tried conventional talk therapy and are looking fro a new approach; one that focuses more on helping you change the underlying cause of emotional suffering rather than just talking about your family history. This is what we focus on during mindfulness therapy. Please study more of what this online therapy site has to offer and then CONTACT ME to discuss in more detail how online therapy over Skype can help you.

I provide mindfulness therapy online via Skype, which works very well for anxiety and depression. I see people in all countries from USA to UK and as far away as Australia and Japan. All you need for good online therapy is access to a good internet connection.

Do please contact me via email if you would like to learn more about online therapy and how it will work for your specific needs.

Online therapy websites sites are now quite common

There are now many online therapy sites to choose from that are offering some form of counseling or coaching or psychotherapy. The online therapy option is, of course, very convenient for people because it means that you can conduct your therapy session from the comfort of your home or your office or wherever you are, and you can have a therapy session with your therapist at a time that is convenient for you.

If you are living abroad, then, of course, working through some online therapy service is going to be very convenient indeed. So, it’s certainly worth considering, looking at various online therapy websites to find one that serves you best. They are very different in quality, some are basically just directories that will put you in touch with a therapist, and others are really high quality, offering you really effective help for managing whatever emotional difficulties you are experiencing.

The online therapy site that I provide, which is called, provides online psychotherapy, and I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

During the online therapy sessions that I offer I will be helping you learn much more effective ways of managing anxiety and depression using the very practical methods of Mindfulness Therapy, which I developed some years ago, now.

These techniques of Mindfulness Therapy are designed to help you change the actual process that creates anxiety and depression. This is quite different than conventional talk therapy, or counseling. I want to help you break free from those underlying psychological habits that cause your anxiety or depression or addiction.

We do this by focusing on changing the way that you relate to your emotions. This the most important first step in Mindfulness Therapy. Most of the time we are simply overwhelmed by our emotions. We are not aware of our emotional habits and whenever they get triggered we simply become identified with our emotions or thoughts or beliefs, and then we act them out. It’s an automatic process that gets triggered and this is what we aim to change during our online mindfulness therapy sessions.

I teach you how to become more aware of these emotional habits and how to break free from them through changing your relationship to your emotional habits. The trick is to see them as basically objects that arise in your mind, without becoming identified with them.

Just because a habit gets triggered does not mean that we have to become that emotion or that thought. We can see the thought or the emotion as an object. We can observe the emotion or thought without becoming identified with it, without becoming controlled by the emotion or thoughts that arise.

So, this is learning to develop what is sometime called emotional tolerance or, what I call, gaining independence from the content of mind. You can learn to observe the contents of mind without becoming identified with them.

This is a very important step that we learn during mindfulness therapy sessions, because when you can become independent from your thoughts and emotions then you create a space in which you can begin to change those thoughts and emotional habits. You can begin to change them and effectively neutralize them through developing more conscious awareness and choice.

So, this is one aspect of Mindfulness Therapy. If you would like to learn more about how to overcome difficult emotions, please go to my website, the link is below, and email me and then we can schedule a Skype therapy session. Thank you!


Online Therapy Sites – A Better Choice for You

There are many online therapy sites available now to help you manage your anxiety or depression or even to work for recovery from addictions.

Some of these sites are quite well established and most of them, from my experience, offer, essentially a listening service, which is useful; it’s good to be able to talk about your emotions and the difficulties that you are struggling with.

Online Therapy Sites that provide help for anxiety and depression

Online Therapy Sites for Help with Anxiety

Online Therapy Websites are a great alternative for you to consider

My online therapy site, Counseling Therapy Online, really specializes in teaching you very specific practical ways of working with anxiety and depression or addiction or other emotions, that help you overcome that underlying emotional habit itself. We want to break free from the limitations of our emotional reactivity, our habits, and we do this by working with those emotions using mindfulness.

Mindfulness Therapy is, in my opinion, the most effective strategy for working with anxiety and depression. It actually teaches you how to form a conscious relationship with your emotions, instead of simply being overwhelmed by your emotions, which is, of course, the emotional habit.

It’s only when you can develop a conscious relationship with your emotions, to sit with your emotions without becoming reactive that you can begin to produce changes in that emotional habit. This is a very central teaching in Mindfulness Therapy.

During the Skype therapy sessions I will show you exactly how to do this, and because it is such a focused method, you are likely to see very significant improvements in your anxiety or depression after far fewer sessions of talk therapy. We are looking at changing the underlying mechanism itself.

So, there are a few online therapy sites offering this kind of process-oriented approach; some offer CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is similar to Mindfulness Therapy in many ways. That works, of course, with the thinking level, the reactive habits of thinking that produce problems in the mind.

Mindfulness Therapy works with habitual thought patterns as well, but the focus is much more on changing the emotions themselves, because they are what fuel reactive thinking and reactive behaviors. Until you can change those emotional habits you will not be able to change either reactive thinking or behavioral reactivity such as addiction.

So, if you are interested in learning more about my online therapy site, go to my website and watch more of the videos that I have on that website, and then CONTACT ME via email and I will be happy to talk to you about how I can help you through Mindfulness Therapy overcome your specific emotional problems.

As I say, Mindfulness Therapy is very effective and it works extremely well through Skype. So please, go to my website and CONTACT ME. Thank you.


Online Therapy Sites. Skype therapy Service for anxiety and depression and for managing anger and stress more effectively
Skype Counseling – Online Psychotherapy via Skype can really help you better manage your anxiety or depression or addiction

Online Therapy Websites offering Psychotherapy through Skype

I provide online therapy through Skype. There are now many online therapy websites to look at and a simple search through Google will reveal the choices that are available. Many of the online therapy websites offer some form of talk therapy or counseling, providing an active listening service, essentially, and this is certainly a good choice for you to consider.

Online therapy websites offering Skype therapy for anxiety and depression

My online therapy website goes a stage further by actually helping you change the underlying reactive process that causes your anxiety or depression or causes you to have an addiction. We actually focus on changing the underlying emotional process itself rather than just talking about emotions. And this is really quite essential if you want to break free from habitual patterns of anxiety or depression. You have to change the actual process itself that creates that anxiety or depression, or that creates that obsessive impulse that fuels an addiction, for example.

You have to examine that underlying process and change it directly. Talking about emotions is not a direct method of change. It may be helpful but it will never be as helpful as actually focusing on the psychological process that creates that very emotion itself. And that is the very central feature of Mindfulness Therapy.

Like Cognitive Therapy or CBT, Mindfulness Therapy really looks at the mechanism that produces your anxiety or depression. Most people see changes in a much shorter time, after far fewer session, simply because this style of therapy is very direct and works on the process itself.

If you would like to learn more, please go to my online therapy website and learn more about the process and then CONTACT ME through email and we can schedule a Skype Therapy session and you can see for yourself how effective this process is for changing anxiety and depression and for work with addictions. So, please go to my website and contact me. Thank you.


Skype Therapy - Online therapy via Skype is an effective way to get help for anxiety, depression, stress and addictions. Talk to a therapist online.
“Online Therapy through Skype is so convenient and these sessions have really helped me feel so much better.”


Learn more about ONLINE THERAPY
Online therapy sites. Online Counseling Therapy via Skype for Anxiety & Depression
Online Therapy via Skype for anxiety and Depression. Online Therapy Sites

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