Talk to a Therapist Online via Skype

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Talk to a Therapist Online via Skype

Get help from an online therapist now


Talk to a therapist online - Speak with an online therapist through Skype video chat for help overcoming anxiety, chronic depression, addictions or other emotional issues. Contact me to schedule a Skype therapy session. I will be happy to answer your questions about therapy via Skype, and when you feel ready, you can schedule an online therapy session with me.

Talk with a Psychotherapist specializing in Mindfulness Therapy

Talk to a therapist online - See a psychotherapist online via Skype

Playlist: Online Therapist - Talk to a Therapist Online for the treatment of anxiety and depression

Contact me now to ask your questions about online therapy via Skype.

Let me answer your questions about psychotherapy via Skype, and when you are ready, you can schedule a Skype session with me.

Online Therapy through Skype for eliminating anxiety and depression, see a therapist for help for recovery from an addiction, therapy for OCD, PTSD, Emotional Trauma and other varieties of psychological suffering not requiring medical treatment.

Talk to a therapist online - See a psychotherapist online via Skype
Conventional talk therapy can be helpful, but often common talk therapy does not alter the underlying structure that is the real cause of your emotional suffering.
The same can be said for medications - the prescription medications may relieve symptoms for a while, but medications can not heal the underlying process that generates your emotional suffering.

Talk to a Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist Online
The style of psychotherapy that I offer is called Mindfulness Therapy, which is quite effective for controlling chronic anxiety and for treating chronic depression or other emotional issues caused by conditioned reactive thinking. Most people notice significant reduction in the level of anxiety and depression after 3-4 sessions of Skype Therapy.

If you're interested in online psychotherapy and counseling to help you overcome anxiety or depression or an addiction or any other emotional problem, you might consider talking to a therapist online. Being able to talk to a therapist online is really quite an effective way of getting the help that you need to to manage difficult emotional problems. I see clients online on a daily basis and have done so for many years now and it's definitely just as effective to speak to a therapist online as it is to see the therapist in-person.

The focus of the online therapy service that I offer is to teach you practical ways of managing difficult emotions. The principal habit that most people experience is one of becoming identified with emotions and with reactive thoughts. We tend to get lost in these patterns of habitual reactivity that simply feed our anxiety or depression, so the the most essential step in successful psychotherapy is to learn how to break the cycle of reactive identification, to be able to become the observer of your emotions and thoughts without becoming lost in them. This is essential because if you continue to simply become lost in thoughts or emotions or emotional trauma then you simply reinforce the underlying emotions. During mindfulness therapy, which is what I specialize in, we learn exactly how to do this, how to become the observer and how to develop independence in relationship to our emotions. This is the most important step for producing change.

If you like to see a therapist online and learn some of the mindfulness techniques that I teach to please go to my website and email me. We can schedule a Skype counseling session at a time that works for you. I see people throughout North America and abroad in Europe and the Middle East and as far away as New Zealand. So if you are interested in learning how to overcome the patterns of emotional reactivity and you'd like to talk to a therapist online please email me and we can schedule a session. Thank you.


Skype counseling therapy service for anxiety and depression




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