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Schedule a Trial Therapy Session Today

A TRIAL SESSION allows you to meet me and to discover for yourself if Online Mindfulness Therapy is right for you. There is NO CHARGE if after 30mins you decide not to continue the trial session. You only pay if you are satisfied with the session and wish to continue for the full 60-90mins.

“Mindfulness Therapy Online is a really good choice if you want to make significant improvements in your life. In these Skype sessions I will work with you to help you heal painful emotions and break free from those patterns of habitual reactivity that keep you stuck. This is one of the best approaches available for overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, depression and addictions.”

Tell me about yourself and what you wish to change

Ask your questions about this Online Counseling Service

Schedule a Skype Therapy Session Today




Sessions are usually 60-90min and begin at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm MST Mon-Fri.

Let me know which times work for you and I will check my schedule and get back to you.

If you live abroad, remember the time difference. Within the US: EST is 2hrs ahead and PST is 1hr behind Colorado (MST).


About You

Let’s begin by you telling me about the emotional problems you are struggling with and wish to change. Ask any questions you may have about Online Counseling and Mindfulness Therapy. I offer counseling for Individuals and Couples. My commitment is to help you feel better and to help you learn more effective ways of working with difficult emotions.

About Dr. Peter Strong

I am a Registered Professional Psychotherapist. You may ask me any questions you have about my services, the methods I use and my credentials. It is important that you feel comfortable with online counseling and with the approach that I use – Mindfulness Therapy. Almost everyone finds MT to be better than anything else they have tried and far better than old style “talk therapy.” Try a session and see for yourself. You should also expect to see significant improvements after a reasonable number of sessions. I advise that the average person should notice significant improvements after 6-12 sessions of Mindfulness Therapy.


Please note that this Online Counseling Service is not a substitute for medical treatment, is not a crisis line, and is intended for adults over the age of 18. If you are experiencing a crisis you should call 911 (USA), 999 (UK) or a local crisis line. For medical treatment you should consult a medical doctor.

Online Therapy is intended to help people better manage anxiety, depression and other emotional problems using the principles of Mindfulness Therapy as described throughout this site and in my book, The Path of Mindfulness Meditation.

“Change begins when you decide that you want a better life for yourself and when you decided to stop being a victim of your anxiety or depression.”

You Can Change. I can Help You Change for the Better




Online therapy using Skype is an effective way to get help for anxiety, depression, stress and addictions.
“Online Therapy using Skype is so convenient and these sessions have really helped me feel so much better.”

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