Online Therapy for Postnatal Depression

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Mindfulness Therapy Online for Postnatal Depression

 Talk to an Online Therapist for help with Postnatal Depression

Online Therapy for Postnatal depression (PND) or postpartum depression (PPD) via Skype
Online Therapy for Postnatal Depression

 Postpartum depression - Get Help from an Online Therapist

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Online Therapy for Postnatal Depression

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist. I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which is a very effective way of working with difficult emotions, and I offer Mindfulness Therapy via Skype.Now, this is a very useful choice for new mothers who are struggling with postnatal depression, or postpartum depression, who find it difficult to go and see a therapist in the office because, of course, taking care of a new baby takes a lot of time and any time that the mother has, she needs to rest; not be driving to a doctor's appointment.

Now, the incidence of postnatal depression is quite high: It's certainly in the order of 10-30% of new mothers experiencing this form of depression. And, of course, you must consult with your doctor about this if you are experiencing depression or other severe mood swings.

Now, postnatal depression has many causes, partly from the extraordinary changes in the hormone levels of the body, but also changes in just about every other area of your life; and these changes, of course, happen very quickly. So, changes in physiology, changes in anatomy, changes in biochemical levels in the blood and body. Changes in your relationships in the family, in relationship with your partner, relationship with the other children in the family, if there are. The way that the family sees you changes; your entire identity changes in a very short period of time after the birth of the child.

So, all of these factors together contribute to quite surprising mood swings and emotional suffering and difficulties in redefining yourself, finding your identity. It's good to try and seek help for this by talking to therapist. The online therapy option that I offer is simply one of many choices that you should consider to help you get through this difficult time.

The Mindfulness approach that I teach is a very friendly and compassionate way of dealing with intense emotions: Depression, anxiety, stress, and as I say, changing identity: "Who am I now, as a new mother?"

So, please, if you would like to discuss this further, contact me. Visit my website and email me. We can set up a free consultation if you would like, or we can schedule a session. We can find a time that works for you. So, please email me. Thank you!

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Postpartum Depression Online Therapy

Postnatal depression (PND) or postpartum depression (PPD) affects 5-25% of new mothers and may last for a few months in the adjustment period immediately after birth. Almost all new mothers will experience some form of mild mood swings following delivery, the so-called "baby blues." This is more to do with the adjustment to the physical and mental stress, sleep-deprivation, and extraordinary shift in family dynamics that result with the new addition to the family. Periods of irritability and sadness are common and the adjustment period may last for up to a month. However PND describes severe emotional suffering, anxiety and irritability that persists well beyond 1-2 months.


Symptoms of Postnatal Depression

Baby blues is one thing, but PND is much more severe and the depression becomes more pervasive and chronic. Symptoms of postnatal depression typically include a unexplainable level of sadness and emptiness that is difficult to deal with, especially in contrast to the joy of the final fulfillment of such a monumental event as giving birth to your baby. Other symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Apathy and loss of interest
  • Sleep problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • frequent fits of uncontrollable crying
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Unexplainable irritability

Treatment for Postnatal Depression - Online Therapy

If you suspect you have PND then you should consult with your doctor, who will likely recommend that you join a support group or see a counselor to learn how to manage postnatal depression as part of a comprehensive treatment program.

Online Therapy for Postnatal depression

Talking to a therapist or counselor is a sensible way of processing the emotions that you are struggling with and to stop them proliferating and causing more suffering and other problems. However, this can be difficult for a new mother, because so much of her time revolves around caring for her baby and it is difficult for her to leave home or arrange for a babysitter.

Recognizing the need, Dr. Peter Strong, a professional psychotherapist based in Boulder, Colorado offers an Online Counseling Therapy Service via Skype. This means that you can have personal face-to-face sessions, but without having to leave home.

The approach that Dr. Strong (who has twins!) uses is called Mindfulness Therapy, a gentle and yet very effective way of working with anxiety and depression and for general stress management. In Mindfulness Therapy, we teach you how to work with your emotions by cultivating the right kind of relationship with them, called the Mindfulness-based Relationship. Most of the time we avoid our negative emotions and often we fight them or try to suppress them. But, this simply does not work. It is well established that if you want to heal emotional suffering then you must build a relationship with the emotions based of acceptance, friendliness and care. You need to approach your emotions in the same way that you care for a crying baby. A mother knows instinctively how to do this for her baby, but forgets to extend the same care and attention to herself. In Mindfulness Therapy, we teach you how to create the right inner conditions of love and awareness that facilitates healing and resolution of anxiety, depression, irritability and any other emotions that you may be struggling with.

Online Therapy for Postnatal Depression. Treating postnatal depression with online therapy via Skype. Online therapist for postnatal depression.
Online Therapy for Postnatal Depression

I would like Online Help for my Postnatal Depression

If you would like to learn more about Online Therapy for Postnatal Depression, please email me. Ask whatever questions you may have and indicate when you would like to begin. The Mindfulness Therapy approach is a really effective, yet gentle approach to helping you heal from postpartum depression so that you can enjoy your baby and the whole experience of being a mother. It may take several sessions of Skype Therapy, but you will notice significant improvements after the first 2-3 sessions.



Online Therapy to help you effectively manage postnatal depression

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