Online Therapy for Depression is Effective

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Online Internet-based Therapy Successful for the Treatment of Depression

Online Therapy for Depression

Online Therapist for Depression. Online Therapy for Depression
Online Therapy for Depression


How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety without Drugs

If you'd like to learn how to overcome depression and anxiety without drugs, do please go to my website and learn more about this online therapy service that I offer. So, online therapy is both convenient and also very effective. During these online therapy sessions I will teach you how to overcome your anxiety without the use of medications, but through working with your emotions using techniques of Mindfulness Therapy.

How to overcome depression and anxiety without drugs

This system, I have developed over the years, works extremely well online and it's extremely effective for anxiety and also depression. The key, of course, is to change the underlying habits, the emotional habits, that create anxiety and depression. Drugs and medications cannot do this. They simply treat the symptoms but they will not change the underlying psychological process that creates depression or anxiety.


To do this you need to focus awareness on the habits, the emotional habits themselves, and this is what we do during the mindfulness therapy sessions. I will teach you how to essentially meditate on your depression or anxiety and on difficult thoughts that are associated with depression and anxiety, and how to break free from their effects on you. We have to learn how to essentially become independent in relationship to our emotions. We have to stop identifying with our thoughts. We have to overcome the habit of becoming overwhelmed, itself, and mindfulness is probably the best technique for doing this. Once you've learned the mindfulness approach to working with depression and anxiety you will quickly be able to break free from those underlying psychological habits.


So, if you'd like to learn more about how to overcome anxiety and depression without using drugs or any other form of medications, then do please go to my website and let's set up a trial Skype therapy session at a time that was you. I see people all over the world and I've I have worked with hundreds of people now and they've all benefited tremendously from online therapy and the mindfulness approach, particularly. Most have already tried medications in one form or another and with little real effects. So, if you like to really learn how to change your anxiety or depression or any other emotional problems, then please do go to my website and contact me via e-mail.


CBT for Depression

You might enjoy reading this article about online treatment for depression. It talks about the importance of developing metacognitive awareness. This is an extremely important step in the form of CBT that I offer, called Mindfulness Therapy. In this approach we learn how to observe our thoughts and emotions, but without becoming identified with them and lost in our thoughts.


Online Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) delivered over the internet using instant text messaging was shown to be effective for the treatment of depression in a recent clinical study conducted by David Kessler, MD, University of Bristol, UK. The results when compared to an untreated control group were significantly different and the improvements lasted. Even at the 8 month follow-up time, the improvements were statistically significant as measured on the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI).

The authors commented, "There is a growing unease about the increasing use of antidepressant medications and the lack of availability of psychological therapies such as CBT, particularly in remote areas."

The authors also made an interesting comment, which is very relevant to one of the proposed mechanisms of action for Mindfulness Therapy (an enhanced form of CBT):

"This approach could enhance metacognitive awareness, a term applied to changing the patient's relationship with negative thoughts and feelings, rather than changing their belief in the content of negative thoughts."

The methods used in this study involved instant messaging between client and doctor. In my opinion, this is nowhere near as effective as conducting online therapy through Skype, where client and doctor can see each other. The quality of communication is greatly enhanced when we can see each other.



If you are interested in learning more about Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression, please contact me today.



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  1. Dr. Strong - Thank you for this informative post. The quote you highlighted, “This approach could enhance metacognitive awareness, a term applied to changing the patient’s relationship with negative thoughts and feelings, rather than changing their belief in the content of negative thoughts.” is profound.

    In my writings, I describe the most negative thoughts as the "abyss" and urge sufferers not to stare too long at the abyss because the abyss is staring back. I'm intrigued by the concept of changing a relationship with negative thoughts. I'd like to offer you and your reader a short guide relating to my experiences with this insidious disease with which I've suffered for over 4 decades. Still, I echo Charlie Sheen's somewhat manic theme -"Winning!!". Here's your link to my experience - PS. I'm going to ping your blog out to a number of services. I think your ideas and service deserve a wide distribution.

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    • Thanks for your comment and link. When we focus on changing our relationship to our emotions from avoidance and aversion to conscious awareness and a courageous friendliness, then everything changes. It is our reactivity that keeps depression and anxiety alive and prevents these emotional formations from changing and healing.

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