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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Online

Struggling with Stress, Anxiety and Anger?

Would You like Help to Learn How to Manage Your Emotions More Effectively?


Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Online - Stress Management via Skype

Get Help for Stress from an Online Therapist

A convenient and very effective way to get effective help for stress reduction

Stress is a habit. We learn to react to situations, people, thoughts and expectations emotionally by becoming angry or upset. But, there is absolutely no law that states that you have to react that way. It is JUST A HABIT - and HABITS CAN BE CHANGED! The many techniques offered during sessions of Mindfulness Therapy teach you exactly how to undo the stress habit, allowing you to find more balance and happiness in your life.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Online





Online Mindfulness Therapy for Stress

"Stress is not caused by external events themselves but by how we react to those events. Mindfulness teaches us how to change our internal habitual reactions to events so that we become less reactive and more responsive." - The Path of Mindfulness Meditation, by Dr Peter Strong.

The effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction is now universally accepted (see this article on WebMD).

Now it's possible to get help for your stress online via live Skype sessions with Dr. Peter Strong. During these Online Therapy sessions you will learn effective mindfulness-based tools for managing stress so that you stop being overwhelmed by the external and internal challenges of life. Learn more about this Online Counseling Therapy Service.

mindfulness-based stress reduction online. Stress Management Online. Mindfulness based stress management (MBSR) with online therapist, Dr. Peter Strong
mindfulness-based stress reduction online


The Placement Technique for Stress Management

There are many mindfulness-based techniques available to help you better manage stress, but one that I frequently teach in my Skype sessions of Online Therapy for Stress is called the Placement Technique. You can try this for yourself and see how it works for you.

The basic concept is that stress is closely related to the spatial orientation of stress thoughts in the mind. If there is insufficient space, then the stress becomes more intense. It's rather like cramming several people into a small elevator. There is not enough space and they end up stepping on each other's toes, or jabbing each other with their elbows, etc. The interesting point here is that if you take these very same people and place them in a large space, like the hotel lobby, the level of stress becomes greatly reduced. The only thing that is different is the size of the space containing the people.

It works very much the same when our minds become crowded with intrusive thoughts. The congestion is the primary factor that creates the stress rather than the thoughts themselves. So, to help reduce stress we practice increasing the psychological space that contains the thoughts.

1. Establish mindfulness, which simply means allow yourself to become aware of thoughts as the arise, but without reacting to them in any way.

2. Greet the thought and imagine picking up the thought with your hands and deliberately placing it further away from you. I like to imagine the thought as a black pebble and I place it on a beach, which is a powerful symbol of spaciousness.

3. Repeat the Greet and Place routine with each subsequent though that arises.


It is really quite remarkable how effective this simple mindfulness technique can be in reducing stress levels. I find it invaluable when managing the stress around giving presentations. Just Greet and Place, Greet and Place each and every stress/worry thought.

mindfulness-based stress reduction online. Online Mindfulness Therapy Treatment for stress

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Stress Management Online

Learn more about this Online Therapy Service - Contact Dr. Strong today with your questions about Online Counseling. Use the form to schedule a session of Skype Therapy for stress management. All you need is Skype and PayPal and you are ready to start. The mindfulness approach is one of the best approaches available for stress reduction; well worth trying!


Online Counseling is Effective, Convenient and Affordable

>>There is no charge unless you are completely satisfied with each session. This is my satisfaction guarantee to you<<

Peter Strong, PhD is a Professional Psychotherapist, Online Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Author, based in Boulder, Colorado. Peter developed a system of psychotherapy called Mindfulness Therapy for healing the root cause of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Traumatic Stress and Emotional Suffering.

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