Mindfulness “Potent” in Preventing Relapses in Chronic Depression

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Online Mindfulness Therapy for Chronic Depression

Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression via Skype


Mindfulness-based Online Therapy provides a very effective way for changing the underlying patterns of react thinking that feeds depression. Medications don't do this and traditional talk therapy and counseling do little to change the underlying process that creates depression.

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Online Therapy for Depression

Online Therapy for Depression via Skype


Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist and I offer online help for depression, also online help for anxiety and other emotional problems that you may be experiencing.

Now, many people experience depression and anxiety and other forms of emotional stress as part of the challenges of dealing with life. There are certain periods of life where depression and anxiety may rise and cause particular problems. For example, immediately after giving birth. The Postnatal depression is quite common in many women in those first weeks and months, and often it's a good idea to seek help for this kind of depression, especially if it's persistent.

If it is, of course, clinical in nature then you should seek help from your doctor. But, for many people with depression and anxiety, really what they are mostly looking for is practical solutions; ways of working with their emotions that allow them to get onto of the emotions and not become overwhelmed by emotional reactivity. And this can be done very well through Skype and I provide online help for depression and many other forms of emotional problems.

It's also, of course, very difficult for some people to leave home: They may have family commitments at home, young children, etc, and so the online therapy option is very convenient. Many people live in rural areas and don't have access to a therapist, or they may simply want to be more discrete in finding someone to work with and the online option is certainly very good for that, and means that you can receive help for your depression or anxiety without anyone else knowing, unless you wish to tell them.

So, this system of online therapy via Skype is growing in popularity and is a very good choice for many people. So, please, if you would like to learn more about getting online help for your depression, please visit my website below, CounselingTherapyOnline.com and contact me using the contact form and I will be happy to talk to you and we can discuss scheduling a Skype Therapy session to help you with your depression, anxiety or other emotional problems. So, please visit my website and contact me today. Thank you!



Online Therapist for Depression. Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression via Skype
Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression via Skype

Online Therapist for Depression

Mindfulness Therapy provides an extremely effective way to manage depression as described in this article.

Mindfulness “Potent” in Preventing Relapses in Chronic Depression


Two psychologists writing for Scientific American Mind review some of the evidence base for the impacts of mindfulness meditation on problematic psychological states. They conclude that the ancient techniques "hold promise as remedies for depression and possibly anxiety" and are actually "potent" in preventing relapses in the chronically depressed.

"Mindfulness seems to be particularly potent as a preventive in patients who have relapsed three or more times," they write. "In a pioneering study of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression recurrence, published in 2000, psychologist John Teasdale, then at the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Cambridge, England, and his colleagues compared individuals receiving treatment as usual, such as visits to family doctors, psychiatrists and therapists, with those who also received mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Subjects were followed for more than a year. Among those who had experienced three or more episodes of depression, mindfulness therapy significantly reduced relapse rates compared with the usual treatment. No difference between the groups emerged, however, for people who had experienced two or fewer depressive episodes. These surprising results have been replicated in several studies."

Is Mindfulness Good Medicine? (Scientific American, August 14, 2014)


My Comments

Once depression becomes established, the mind starts to create habitual patterns of Secondary Reactivity, which include Cognitive Reactivity, Emotional Reactivity, Behavioral Reactivity, and Somatic Reactivity. Secondary reactivity has the effect of reinforcing and feeding the underlying emotional formations that cause the depression, rather like feeding a fire with fuel.

One of the mechanisms of action for mindfulness is in counteracting this secondary reactivity, particularly the cognitive reactivity, which takes the form of rumination, catastrophic thinking and excessive uncontrollable worrying. When you take away the fuel, the fire cannot sustain itself.



Online Mindfulness therapy for Anxiety and Depression. Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression via Skype
Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression via Skype


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