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How to Get Over Fear of Driving


Online Therapy for Overcoming Driving Anxiety


I provide therapy sessions via Skype in which I teach you practical mindfulness-based methods for overcoming your fear of driving. The approach works really well and most of my clients see significant improvements and reduction in their driving anxiety after 3-4 sessions.


How to Get Over Fear of Driving

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional mindfulness-based therapist based in Boulder, Colorado and I offer therapy over Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression and other emotional problems, including driving anxiety.

How to Get Over Fear of Driving through Mindfulness Therapy

If you would like to learn how to get over the fear of driving, how to get over the fear of driving on highways, or how to get over the fear of driving across a bridge, for example, or how to basically overcome any form of driving anxiety or driving phobia then you will find the Mindfulness approach that I teach to be very effective indeed.

Basically, why it works so well is because it gives you a practical way of changing the way you relate to the anxiety itself. Most of the time we get caught in habits of avoidance and we get caught in habits of aversion to that anxiety. It is quite natural, we don't like unpleasant emotions, unpleasant feelings, so we run away from them, we suppress them, we try to get them out of the mind any way we can. But, unfortunately, that strategy will not work, it will not help you change the anxiety, it will not help you get over your fear of driving.

It is absolutely essential that you do begin to set up a schedule of regular challenges, manageable challenges, getting on the road, getting on the highway and facing those situations that create that anxiety.

But, exposure alone is not enough; that's not going to stop the anxiety. You have to add the element of preparation, you have to work with the emotions before you do the challenge, and this is what we call mindfulness-based anxiety management.

You learn how to change your relationship to your anxiety, how to stop avoiding the anxiety, how to stop suppressing the anxiety, but rather learning to "sit" with the anxiety, very much in the same way that a parent would sit with a child in pain.

And that is really the nature of the driving anxiety, it is a part of you, a small part of you that becomes afraid, and what it needs more than anything else is connection with the larger part of you, what we call your True Self, and that is what I will teach you during the online therapy sessions. I will teach you exactly how to change your relationship to your anxiety in a way that will help it resolve.

Anxiety is a habit and habits can be changed. Habits thrive on the absence of consciousness, unawareness. The moment you shine consciousness on that habit, the habit begins to lose its strength all together. And that is exactly what we are doing with our anxiety. The more consciousness you shine on the anxiety the more that anxiety begins to subside, begins to resolve itself.

So, through this relationship that you develop with your anxiety you are effectively teaching the anxiety how to resolve itself, and this becomes a new pathway in the brain. So, when you encounter the anxiety in the future your brain now has a new pathway to go down, which resolves that anxiety on the spot, wherever you are driving. The triggers trigger that anxiety, but the anxiety resolves itself on the spot. That is what we will be training to do during these online Skype therapy sessions, and it works extremely well. Most people see significant improvements after 3 or 4 sessions of Mindfulness Therapy. I have helped many, many people overcome their driving anxiety and fear of driving on highways and other forms of driving phobia.

If you would like to get started with me, please email me. Go to my website and email me and then we can schedule your first Skype therapy session to help you get over your fear of driving. So please go to my website and contact me now. Let's get started. Thank you.

how to get over fear of driving through online therapy

Learn how to get over fear of driving through online mindfulness therapy


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