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Online Mindfulness Therapy to Heal Emotional Wounds and to Recover from Emotional Abuse

 "Transform your inner imagery to heal emotional suffering"




Recovering from Emotional Abuse

Recovering from emotional abuse. Online Therapy for Emotional Abuse. How to overcome emotional abuse
Get Help for Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse describes a dysfunctional relationship in which you are made to feel inferior, inadequate, defective or unworthy. The constant reinforcement of these messages, often over many years, creates negative core beliefs about self that seriously undermine self-confidence and self-esteem and frequently lead to major anxiety and depression.The fundamental issue is that we become completely identified with these core beliefs, taking them to be true, and that makes us completely at the mercy of the perpetrator, whether a parent or partner. These core identifications are collectively called "The Little Self" or the "False Self" in Mindfulness Psychology, and the primary focus of Mindfulness Therapy is to help you free yourself from them so that you no longer identify with these negative beliefs. Until you do break free you will remain a victim of the immense suffering that results when the beliefs get triggered by people or events.

Online Therapy for recovery from an abusive relationship or marriage.
Online Therapy - Get Help for Abuse and Conflict

The core beliefs usually become established during childhood as the young self-image begins to take shape. Left unresolved, the negative "Little Self" grows and takes on a life of its own, and curious at it may be, we find ourselves attracting the very partners in our marriage or relationships that trigger the "Little Self" and the emotional suffering associated with it. In Mindfulness Psychology, we understand that this is actually the mind's way of showing you that this unresolved part of your psyche needs your care and attention. It needs to heal. But, for most of us, the LIttle Self becomes buried, ignored and reviled. It becomes a festering wound that will not heal. This is where Mindfulness Therapy comes in.


How to Overcome Emotional Abuse - Reconnecting Big Self with Little Self

One universal principle that we learn when we begin Mindfulness Therapy is that so much of our suffering and mental anguish is due to a basic disconnection between our conscious mind and those painful emotions that have become isolated and abandoned due to years of abuse and ignorance. We avoid our pain at all costs, or we try to make it go away by engaging in more pleasurable activities. "Don't think about the bad things; think about happy times!" This is the root of our problem, right there, the way we turn our back on that which is in pain, on what the Buddha called dukkha. We create a wall between us and our suffering and our heart becomes hardened and cold, frozen in time. This avoidance and repression leads to dissociation within the psyche, a loss of connection between our True Self, or Big Mind, and the Little Self that is in pain. We seek to reverse this dissociation through mindfulness practice. What is needed more than anything is that we connect our Big Self, with all its resources and experience, with the manifestations of Little Self. It's equivalent to reuniting a lost child with its mother and father. This is what facilitates true psychological and spiritual healing.

Emotional Abuse Therapy Online. Online Mindfulness therapy for Emotional Abuse

Online Therapy for Recovery from Emotional Abuse

 If you would like to learn more about Online Mindfulness Therapy for helping you break free from the scars left from emotional abuse, either originating from childhood or from a difficult personal relationship or marriage, please contact me.



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Get Help from an Online Mindfulness Therapist to get the help you need to Heal from the wounds left from Emotional Abuse and Emotional Trauma


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    I've just started a company that helps people recover from abusive relationships, and I also run workshops to help spot the danger signs that might be of interest to yourself and your readers.

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