Online Therapy for Driving Phobia

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Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety Phobia


Online therapy for driving anxiety and highway phobia. If you suffer from Driving Anxiety or Phobia you are not alone...It is surprisingly common. Many people with a driving phobia fall into the habit of Phobic Avoidance, in attempt to avoid experiencing the unpleasant physical and emotional feelings associated with the driving phobia. This is a mistake, which you should try to counter as soon as possible because the avoidance reactions actually have a very negative effect: they strengthen the phobia and prevent healing. Avoidance behaviors also tend to proliferate, eroding your coping skills until you become a prisoner of the anxiety complex.

Online Therapy for driving anxiety phobia
Online therapy for driving anxiety over Skype is really effective.

Successful Therapy for Driving Anxiety-Phobia

Seeking help for your driving phobia is just good sense. Modern psychotherapy is nothing like the image portrayed in movies where you take on the "role" of a patient; a sick person with a malady to be "fixed." Indeed, this outdated model of psychotherapy is more likely to do harm and exacerbate the problem by reinforcing the victim identity of the "patient." In fact it is, in my opinion, completely inappropriate to use terms like "patient" or even "treatment" for the process of helping a person overcome problems of anxiety. Today, there are many excellent therapists out there who have a more enlightened approach to psychotherapy, so you should certainly consider finding someone to help you manage your anxiety.


Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety & Highway Phobia


The key to successful online therapy for driving anxiety or any phobia is to take a very structured approach. This should involve a well-designed program for Exposure Therapy combined with Emotion-based Cognitive Therapy, like Mindfulness Therapy, where you learn how to change the way you experience emotional reactions internally. As I said above, avoidance is one of the key problems with anxiety and panic disorders, but this is often compounded by aversion to the emotions themselves. Aversion and resistance has the effect of hardening our anxiety reactions, reinforcing them, and actually making it increasingly difficult for them to change and heal.

During sessions of Online Mindfulness Therapy you will be guided in how to use your imagination to rehearse and prepare yourself. Instead of being victims of our anxiety reactions, we actually identify the specific emotions that become activated and cultivate awareness and friendliness toward these emotions. Awareness combined with Positive Acceptance is called mindfulness, and when properly understood and applied, is undoubtedly one of the most effective modern therapies available for resolving anxiety disorders, including driving phobia.

Schedule a Skype Therapy Session Today for Your Driving Phobia 

This is just a brief introduction to the use of Mindfulness Therapy for overcoming Driving Anxiety. If you are interested in exploring this further, please email me and ask your questions or schedule a Skype Therapy session. People usually see big improvements after 3-6 sessions. You will know after the first session if this approach is right for you.


Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety-Phobia - Don't be a victim, contact me today if you want to change!


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Skype Counseling - Online therapy for driving anxiety and driving phobia via Skype

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