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Mindfulness-based Online Counseling for Depression

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Online Counseling for Depression



If you are suffering from depression, you may gain a little comfort when you realize that you are not alone. Every year it is estimated that 17 million Americans experience the most severe form of depression – clinical depression. The number of people suffering from the more common non-clinical depression is far greater. The truth is that most people who are suffering from depression do not seek help or do not recognize that there are options for treating your depression. However, the options for managing and recovering from depression are quite positive and you are encouraged to seek effective treatment. Online Therapy is one very effective option available for you to consider.

You might start by talking with your doctor, who may prescribe an appropriate medication to manage the symptoms of depression. There are plenty of options to try. However, antidepressants only treat the symptoms, so it is very sensible to seek help from a psychotherapist or counselor to work on resolving the underlying psychological causes of your depression. That is the purpose of this Online Counseling Service for Depression.

Many people prefer to stay away from medications because of the side-effects and the potential risks for women trying to have a baby or during pregnancy. Other people simply prefer an alternative to the medical route, and indeed, many people do not have clinical depression and are just looking for some practical help and tools for overcoming their depression and regaining some balance and happiness again. Similarly, many people prefer an alternative to traditional psychotherapists and the older styles of “talk therapies” which are not always very effective.

Online Counseling Therapy. There are, of course, many schools of psychotherapy to choose from, some more effective than others for depression. Today, there is a great deal of evidence supporting Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Depression. This approach works on changing the underlying, and usually unquestioned, negative beliefs and patterns of reactive thinking that lie at the heart of depression. The approach that I use takes many of the principles of CBT and adds the awareness skill called mindfulness. Mindfulness Therapy, or Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a state of the art treatment for depression and highly recommended.

The Online Therapy option is becoming increasingly popular these days. It is a very convenient way of getting the help you need and is generally far less intimidating than the more clinical setting of a therapist’s office. It is important to feel comfortable during counseling sessions and the Online Counseling route is a good alternative to the more clinical settings of traditional in-person therapy sessions. There are also numerous studies showing equivalent effectiveness. For example, a study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry in 2009 showed significant benefits from email-based online therapy for people suffering from depression.

In the Mindfulness-based Online Counseling program for Depression that I developed some years ago, I prefer to use Skype. I find that Skype Therapy is much more effective than phone therapy or email therapy because you can have a face-to-face session. It just makes communication so much more efficient. People who use this Skype-based program usually see dramatic improvements after 4-6 sessions, even for severe depression.

The reason for the effectiveness of Mindfulness Therapy is that it works directly on changing the underlying emotions that fuel our depression. Mindfulness is an extraordinarily powerful tool when properly understood and practiced and has amazing transformational effects on many kinds of emotional suffering, including depression, anxiety disorders and general emotional stress.

Online Counseling for Depression via Skype

See a Therapist Online via Skype

How do I Schedule Online Counseling for Depression?

If you would like to talk to a therapist online to get help for your depression, please email me and ask any questions you may have. Most people see major improvements after 4-8 sessions. You will know after the first session if Online Counseling Therapy is going to help you with your depression and most people see quite dramatic changes within the first two weeks of therapy.


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