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“Anxiety and fear were consuming me. I needed help. I tried talking with a local counselor, but that didn’t seem to help. My Doctor suggested anti-anxiety pills, but I want to avoid this, so I booked a session with Dr. Strong. It was amazing! He helped me see things in a totally different way. I love the practical exercises and mindfulness meditation that he taught me. Now I am in control again! Thanks, Peter!” – Lisa, Italy.

Getting Help for Your Anxiety

Anxiety is, of course a normal part of life as we struggle with the many challenges of personal history, relationships and family dynamics, work, health and aging, etc. All anxiety is based on a fear-based reaction that has the characteristic of psychological contraction or withdrawal from engagement in life, but for most of the time these emotional contractions are temporary and are just part of the ever-changing flow of life. For others this is not the case and anxiety becomes chronic and highly debilitating; this we refer to as an anxiety disorder. There are many forms of anxiety, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia, Health Anxiety, Phobias, and persistent Fear or Worrying due to Habitual Reactive Thinking. To learn more about anxiety disorders and their symptoms see the WebMD page on Anxiety and Panic Disorders (link) and the NIH page on Anxiety Disorders (link). Needless to say, chronic anxiety is a major problem, affecting over 20% of the population, over 40 million Americans.

Introduction to Online Therapy for Anxiety

The secret to overcoming anxiety is to completely transform your relationship to your emotions. Most of us fight our emotions or avoid them, especially is they are unpleasant or painful, but this is the worse thing you can possibly do. If you want to heal anxiety you must learn how to embrace your emotions with awareness and compassion, which is the essence of mindfulness. You need to take care of your anxiety the same way you would take care of a frightened child, not by avoidance and denial, but through learning to be 110% present for your emotions with that quality of acceptance and friendliness that heals. During Online Anxiety Therapy sessions, you will learn exactly how to do this; and the results can be quite amazing.

You might enjoy this video introduction to Online Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety:

Online Anxiety Therapy is now available to help you overcome your anxiety symptoms using the powerful methods of Mindfulness Therapy, as developed by Professional Online Therapist and Author, Dr. Peter Strong. Many people prefer Online Therapy for the treatment of their anxiety because of the convenience of working from home. It is also far less intimidating than having an office session, which is an important consideration for the successful treatment of anxiety.

Talk to a therapist online via Skype. Online Therapy & Counseling for Anxiety Disorders
Online Anxiety Therapy via Skype

There are many treatments for anxiety and many online resources available to help you overcome anxiety. If you feel there is an underlying medical condition causing your anxiety, then you should consult a medical doctor who might prescribe a suitable medicine for the treatment of your anxiety. Most doctors also recommend some form of psychotherapy for anxiety in addition to medication. There are many forms of psychotherapy available and some are more effective treatments for anxiety than others.

One option is Online Anxiety Therapy Treatment – which I offer via Skype. In the system  that I have developed, called Mindfulness Therapy, you will learn specific ways of changing the underlying patterns of reactive thinking that cause chronic anxiety.

Online therapist for anxiety and depression - Anxiety Therapy Online.
Talk to a Therapist Online via Skype

Learning How to Control Anxiety

You will get very specific and focused help for your anxiety using the techniques that I teach during online sessions of Online Therapy for Anxiety. One of the best available treatments for anxiety involves learning how to change the way you relate to your inner experience of the emotion of anxiety itself. This is described in more detail below, but basically our habit is to avoid and resist our anxiety, which simply makes the anxiety worse. In Mindfulness Therapy, you will learn a much more effective way to control anxiety which involves stopping the habitual reactivity to the emotion. This inner acceptance creates the right conditions that allow the anxiety to heal. There is no magic technique to cure anxiety, but learning to be mindful of our anxiety with mindful awareness is certainly one of the most effective approaches for controlling anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders are often a source of great suffering for the individual and for the individual’s family. Left untreated, anxiety can become deeply ingrained in the mind, which makes it harder to change later on. Also, chronic anxiety leads to the formation of negative beliefs, followed by low self-esteem and low self-confidence and finally creating the conditions for the development of chronic depression. Most people who suffer from chronic anxiety also experience insomnia and may experience one or more forms of eating disorder.

General Anxiety Disorder is a very common condition that affects an estimated 10 million people in the US. Although medication is often called for to manage the acute symptoms of anxiety attacks, it is very important to work on changing the underlying cause of your anxiety, and this is where working with a skilled psychotherapist can be very beneficial. There are, of course many approaches for the treatment of anxiety and many different types of psychotherapy to choose from. Most anxiety disorders respond well to process-oriented therapies that work on changing the underlying processes that trigger anxiety reactions. These include Mindfulness Therapy, which you can receive through Online Counseling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is also widely available.

To learn more about Anxiety Disorders visit  Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

Online Therapy for Anxiety is all about learning practical cognitive tools and specific awareness skills for working with the underlying emotions.


I Wish to Learn More About Online Therapy for Anxiety

If you would like to work on changing the underlying process that causes your anxiety then please contact Dr. Peter Strong with your questions and let’s schedule a Skype session today. Online Anxiety Therapy provides a convenient and very effective way to learn how to overcome and control anxiety.


Peter Strong, PhD is a Professional Psychotherapist, Online Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Author, based in Boulder, Colorado. Peter developed a system of psychotherapy called Mindfulness Therapy for healing the root cause of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Traumatic Stress and Emotional Suffering.

Get Help from a Professional Online Therapist via Skype for Effective Online Counseling Therapy for Anxiety

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    • You are welcome! Yes, online mindfulness therapy is incredible effective for anxiety disorders and most of my clients see dramatic improvements after as few as 3-4 sessions. My book describes many of the central principles behind Mindfulness Therapy and is a good reference for this work.

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