Mindfulness Therapy is One of the Most Effective Approaches for Overcoming the Underlying Cause of Anxiety, Depression and Addiction


Online Counseling Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

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Session Times: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm MST, Boulder, Colorado. Available wold-wide. Choose the times that works for you and I will check my availability.

The Goal is Emotional Freedom; The Path is Mindfulness Therapy

Treat the underlying cause of your anxiety and depression – Mindfulness Therapy gives you the tools to resolve emotional suffering much faster than “talk therapy” and without the side-effects of medications. Most people who work with me see significant improvements within 3-4 sessions.


During the Skype Therapy Sessions I will teach you practical mindfulness-based methods for working with your emotions to promote healing, transformation and emotional freedom. The methods are well-tested, effective and supported by research.

 “When we learn how to embrace our emotions with awareness and love they change. Mindfulness heals, transforms and liberates the mind, allowing us to live fully with true happiness and wisdom.” – The Path of Mindfulness Meditation, by Peter Strong

Mindfulness Therapy cultivates the combination of full conscious awareness combined with genuine positive loving-kindness. When you bring this quality of consciousness to anxiety, depression and emotional suffering it greatly promotes healing and transformation in a very real and lasting way.

Here is a communication from one of my previous clients that describes the power of this combination of conscious awareness and compassion that is the essence of mindfulness:

“I just wanted to share with you something that happened this morning. I was lying in bed, full of sadness and anxiety and my body full of tiredness and pain and I was trying to gear myself up for another day wondering how I was going to do anything with this heaviness and tightness and I was thinking I am trying everything why do I still feel so suffocated?

And then I thought, what would happen if I just totally and fully had compassion and acceptance and love for this tightness and heaviness? Not the fake “ill be nice and pretend to like you so you go away” kindness that I had been using but really truly loved this pain and had compassion for this experience.

Well it was really hard at first but I sat there and started saying loving things to myself, like “I care about this pain and suffering” and “I wish you peace and love” and “you free to arise here, this is a safe place for any feelings and experiences and you have all the time and support and love you need to rest and stay and change” and I just sat with all that pain and anxiety and tension and just kept sending it compassion and space and it was like there was this very slow forming lightness, I didn’t really notice it at first, but almost like my body and soul were softening a little bit, and I started to feel more free and light.” – Eloise, Australia


Online therapy using Skype is an effective way to get help for anxiety, depression, stress and addictions.
“Online Therapy using Skype is so convenient and these sessions have really helped me feel so much better.”











Online Therapy: talk to a therapist online via skype for help with anxiety & depression. Online Counseling Services with a Skype Therapist. Talk to a counselor online. Online therapist via Skype.
Dr. Peter Strong

“Mindfulness Therapy gives you the skills you need to break free from negative habitual thinking and emotional reactivity so you can discover genuine happiness and well-being. This approach is very effective and you will notice significant changes after the first 3-4 session.”




Please contact me and ask your questions about Mindfulness-based Online Therapy and schedule a Skype Therapy session now. Remember, the first session is a TRIAL SESSION – you only pay if you wish to continue with me after the first 30mins.



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About Mindfulness-based Online Therapy

I developed an approach called Mindfulness Therapy, which is one of the most effective evidence-based therapies available – especially for treating Anxiety Disorders, which is my specialty. During these Online Therapy Sessions, you will learn proven mindfulness-based methods to overcome anxiety, depression and emotional stress. This approach is REALLY EFFECTIVE – It has worked for so many people; it can also work for you.

Whatever the style of therapy that you are attracted to, you need to change the underlying structure of the anxiety itself. Standard Talk Therapy can be useful, but often it does not transform the underlying structure, the underlying process that creates your anxiety every day. The same can be said for medications as well – the medication may relieve symptoms for awhile, but medications is not going to change the underlying cause of anxiety or depression. So, it’s very important to seek what we might call a process-centered therapy to try and change the underlying process that creates the anxiety or depression. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is an example of a process-oriented therapy. Mindfulness Therapy, which is a form of psychotherapy that I developed in the 1980’s incorporates CBT and cognitive therapy along with mindfulness, and this is another extremely popular process-oriented therapy.

So, what is the underlying structure of your anxiety? What keeps that anxiety alive? Well, there are two levels that we must address. The first is to do with what is called Automatic Reactive Thinking: the racing mind, intrusive thoughts, thoughts that occur over and over again, thoughts that catastrophize, the ‘what if?’ thoughts, that tend to feed the anxiety. So, that’s one very important part of anxiety therapy that we look at during the online sessions of Mindfulness Therapy. We learn how to change our relationship to these negative thoughts. It’s not the thoughts themselves that causes the problem, it’s our relationship to these compulsive thoughts. The way that we tend to identify with those thoughts and simply become lost in the thoughts – we actually lose conscious awareness, in effect, and become prisoners of these recurring negative thoughts. Mindfulness Therapy is one of the best methods available for learning how to change this habit, how to break free from that prison of reactive thinking that creates anxiety. That’s one level of Mindfulness Therapy – working with compulsive thinking.

The second part of Online Mindfulness Therapy is working with the core emotions underneath that fuel that habitual thinking. So, you can think of anxiety as having a core, rather like a volcano has a magma chamber, and that magma is always seeking an outlet to the surface, and so it is with core emotions – they are always seeking an outlet, seeking to take on form, in the form of thoughts.

During Skype therapy sessions we also work hard on developing a very positive and accepting relationship with the core emotions themselves. We create the ideal internal conditions that allow that core reservoir of anxiety energy to change, to transform, to heal and to eventually go away. So, this is a very important part of Mindfulness Therapy – learning how to make friends with your emotions. Our habit, of course, is the opposite: it is to run away from our emotions, it is to avoid them, it is to resist them, it is to create negative aversion toward our emotions, but this only makes them stronger! Avoidance and aversion simply reinforces the core emotion and stops it from healing. So, during Mindfulness Therapy sessions we learn how to establish a very friendly, compassionate relationship with the core emotions because this is what will allow them to heal.

The other part of the healing process for our core emotions is to look into its structure. What is the structure of an emotion? This is interesting because the structure of emotion is not thought, it is imagery. Imagery is the natural language of emotion. This is why we might say, “I am feeling overwhelmed” or “I’m feeling in a very dark place right now” or “I’m feeling trapped.” These are all visual terms. This points to how we see the emotion internally in the mind, and it is this emotional imagery that creates an emotion and keeps it in place. So, behind every emotion there is imagery – how we see the emotion in the mind. During Mindfulness Therapy we investigate this imagery, we look at it in great detail and we look to see the primary characteristics of that imagery that keeps the emotion alive.

For example, if the imagery is too close and too big, that is a primary component that creates the anxiety, or the panic. So, a simple step that you can try yourself is to simply take the emotion and to move it further away. Often, a simple method like that can produce immense differences in the intensity of the emotion that you experience, simply learning to move it further away.

Other things to investigate are things like the color of the emotion that you see internally. Often, intense emotions have intense colors. So, when we deliberately change the color to black and white or to a muted color, that can directly affect the strength of the emotion.

So, it’s by looking closely at the structure of an emotion that you can find out how it works and with this information you can make important changes to the structure of the emotion. When you change the imagery you change the emotion. The more you change the imagery, the more the emotion changes. We use mindfulness to investigate what changes bring about the resolution of the emotion. We practice, refine and reinforce these changes until they become completely second nature. When we have done this thoroughly, we will notice a major shift internally, a felt-shift occurs as the emotion, the anxiety, resolves itself. Eventually the anxiety no longer arises.

So, this is a short introduction to the Mindfulness Therapy that I provide via Skype, and if you would like to learn more about online psychotherapy for anxiety through Mindfulness Therapy, then please email me so that we can book an online therapy session over Skype to help you resolve your anxiety.


Why choose Online Mindfulness Therapy?

Because this approach focuses on transforming the underlying cause of anxiety and depression rather than just treating the symptoms. Please contact me now and let’s explore how Mindfulness Therapy can help you.

“Mindfulness Therapy is as good as antidepressant drugs.” Read this CNN Health article by Elizabeth Landau.

You might also like to read this article about the efficacy of Online Therapy in the New York Times.

I also recommend you refer to and the as well as as good resources for your general health and mental health needs.

Skype Therapy

Besides seeing clients in-person, I also provide online counseling through Skype. Skype Therapy, as it is commonly called, is becoming very popular. It is so much more convenient for clients. It means that you’re able to schedule your sessions during your work day without having to leave your home or leave the office. Skype Therapy is certainly very much more convenient. With Skype, you are able to see the other person as well as talk to
them. It’s really no different than being in an office with the therapist, or seeing the therapist in person. It is the same quality of the one-on-one psychotherapy that you could receive in an office, but with the added convenience, as I say.

People also like online therapy because it allows you to find the right kind of therapist to work with, someone that you feel comfortable with. This is extremely important. Good psychotherapy depends on having the right kind of relationship with your therapist. It has to feel right for you as the client. Also, I find that the online format of Skype Therapy works extremely well with the form of therapy that I teach, which is called Mindfulness Therapy; and which I talk about in my book, ‘The Path of Mindfulness Meditation’.

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy has grown tremendously in popularity in the last 5 to 10 years now. Our understanding of what mindfulness is and how to use it to work effectively with emotions like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD and stress has grown tremendously.
It is really very, very well worth while exploring mindfulness therapy in detail. What is mindfulness? Basically, mindfulness is a form of awareness that we can define as non-reactive in nature. That means that you’re able to literally sit with your emotions. but without becoming overwhelmed by them, without becoming reactive. This is absolutely essential for healing to occur. The only way that your anxiety or panic attacks or depression will eventually subside is if you can sit with those emotions without feeding them with your reactivity, particularly of course, reactive thinking, avoidance behaviors, or any of these other forms of reactivity that tend to become habits. Mindfulness Therapy is an excellent choice for doing just this.

Peter Strong, PhD is a scientist, author of ‘The Path of Mindfulness Meditation’, meditation teacher and Buddhist Psychotherapist, living in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He specializes in the study of mindfulness and its application in Mindfulness Psychotherapy for healing the underlying causes of anxiety, depression and traumatic stress as well as for the effective treatment for addictions and OCD.
Besides face-to-face counseling sessions, Dr. Strong also provides Online Mindfulness Meditation Therapy through Skype for people who prefer the convenience of online psychotherapy.


Is Online Therapy effective?

There are many studies showing that Online Therapy via the Internet is as good as and sometimes better than conventional office-based psychotherapy sessions.Talking to an online therapist is usually much more comfortable for you.  To learn more about the effectiveness of online therapy and online counseling see and

“These Skype sessions have really helped me feel so much better. I used to be very reactive, but now I don’t get so easily upset. Mindfulness Therapy has made all the difference. It’s quite remarkable how effective it is.”

I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which I offer online over Skype. This approach is extremely effective for managing anxiety disorders and for the resolution of non-clinical depression and also provides an good alternative for addiction counseling.

During these online therapy sessions, I will work with you as an online therapist, teaching you better strategies for healing emotional suffering.

The main cause of emotional suffering involves conditioned thinking, patterns of habitual reactive thinking that get activated either through inner thoughts or through external stimuli and these reactive patterns of thinking tend to proliferate and reinforce the underlying emotion. This is what we work on changing during therapy sessions using the principles of Mindfulness Therapy as our primary method. You will learn very quickly how to better manage your habitual thinking and how to stop the habitual process that fuels those underlying painful emotions.

Most on my clients see quite substantial changes after 3 to 6 therapy sessions. Each session is usually 60-90 minutes long, and we can find a time that fits your schedule, if I have spaces available. All you need is a quiet place for your therapy sessions, Skype, and PayPal to make online payments after each session.

So, if you want to learn more about the advantages of online therapy, please email me. Email me to learn more about this online counseling therapy service and find out more about how it can help you better manage your difficult emotions.

Watch this introductory video about online mindfulness therapy for anxiety and depression:
Visit my YouTube Channel to watch more videos about Online Mindfulness Therapy: Your emails are very welcome.

Click Here to Read more Client Testimonials

Online Counseling for Panic Attacks and anxiety via Skype. Online therapy for depression. Online counseling for adictions. Talk to an online therapist. Online Counseling Services via Skype.“I really enjoy my counseling sessions with Peter. He is incredibly easy to talk to and I find the mindfulness approach to be so much better than anything I had tried previously. He teaches you how to work with your emotions in a positive way. It’s amazing!”


Would you like to talk to an Online Therapist?



I welcome your questions. Please tell me about yourself and let’s discuss how I can help you through Online Mindfulness Therapy

Schedule an Online Therapy Session that fits your time schedule

(All correspondence & sessions are private and confidential. I work with adults only)

 Session Times: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm MST, Boulder, Colorado.

Available throughout the USA, CA, UK, Europe and Worldwide. Choose the best times for you and I will check availability.


Online therapist for anxiety and depression
Talk to a Therapist Online via Skype

“After 8 years, two therapists, many self-help books… hypochondria and OCD was worse than ever. I figured I would just have to live like this and deal with it. I put on a good show in front of people and cried alone. Then, I stumbled upon Peter’s website. I figured this was my last attempt. Peter is kind, understanding, and patient. He helped guide me out of the dark and see the light. He is truly there to help. He never looks at his time during sessions. I would have to remind him that time is up. His rates are reasonable so everyone cam get proper therapy. He gave me practical tools to use to overcome my anxiety. He is always available via email for advice. He truly cares about the progress of his patients. Peter changed my life and gave me the chance to enjoy my life again. I am eternally grateful to him.” – L.A., New York.


Why Choose Online Counseling Therapy with Dr. Peter Strong?

  • Online Counseling is very much more convenient for you
  • You may be living abroad or traveling, making it hard to find a therapist
  • You may live in a rural area where choices may be limited
  • Online Therapy from your home is more comfortable for you
  • You may be looking for an alternative to anxiety medications and antidepressants
  • You may be looking for a more positive and compassionate approach that focuses on self-improvement and personal transformation
  • All sessions are one-on-one individual and private sessions with professional online therapist, Dr. Peter Strong via Skype
  • Peter Strong is an author and expert on Mindfulness Therapy, a highly respected modern approach incorporating CBT and Buddhist Psychology, and much more effective than traditional “talk therapy.” Most people see big changes after the first 3-4 sessions, once they start applying the mindfulness methods that I teach
  • The focus in mindfulness-based online therapy is to change the underlying cause of your emotional suffering and not just treat the symptoms
  • Payments are made after each session using the most secure online service: PayPal
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. You only pay if you are completely satisfied. How many therapists offer that level of satisfaction guarantee?

Online Therapy with an Online Therapist

Video Transcript

ONLINE THERAPY WITH AN ONLINE THERAPIST Welcome. My name is Peter Strong, and I am a professional registered psychotherapist. I offer online therapy, try to help people work with anxiety, depression, stress, and other difficult emotions. Online Therapy via Skype, allows you to have a one-on-one session with me, where we can talk and see each other at the same time. This is a very convenient way for people who can’t see a local therapist or who would prefer to see someone different than their local therapists. It’s also very convenient for people who are traveling or living abroad. In fact, many of my clients are expats living abroad. The online option is a great one to consider if it’s difficult for you to travel away from home to a therapist’s office, for example, if you are living abroad and can’t find a local therapist, or if you don’t like the local choices available in your area.

The style of therapy that I offer is called Mindfulness Therapy, which is a very exciting, very unique, alternative approach to the more traditional talk therapies that you’re probably familiar with. The whole focus of Mindfulness Therapy is to help you establish the right kind of relationship with your emotions so that you don’t become overwhelmed by them.

Once you establish a Mindfulness relationship with your emotions, then it’s possible to start to look at the structure of those emotions and find out how they work. This often involves imagery. For example, when a person feels overwhelmed by an emotion, right there, we have a clue in that language as to how they see that emotion internally. If they say, “I feel overwhelmed. It’s getting on top of me,” chances are they literally see that emotion inside as being above them, at a higher position to them. They see themselves as a small person with this looming emotion above them.

Seeing this kind of structure really is very, very helpful because when you see it, then you can begin to change it. Once you change the structure of the emotion, the emotion itself changes.

This is one of the many of the unique principles behind Mindfulness Therapy. If you’re interested in exploring this further, please send me an email. Visit my website and send me your questions and describe the issues that you are working with, and we can begin an email correspondence to see if this is right for you, then go ahead and schedule a Skype session. Remember, my policy is that if you schedule a Skype session and you find, “No, this isn’t right for me,” there’s no charge. You only pay after a session and if you want to continue with online therapy with me. There’s nothing to lose for you. Please, send me that email, and let’s discuss if online therapy is right for you. Thank you.



Select the appropriate page to learn more about how Mindfulness Therapy can help you:

Talk to an online therapist via Skype. Internet Counseling Service. Talk to a Skype therapist for help with anxiety disorders and depression. You can also schedule online counseling for addiction recovery.   “I used to be so anxious all the time and it was ruining my marriage. I had to change. Peter made that possible. His way of working with anxiety is very, very effective. I feel so much happier now and my relationship with my husband has totally changed for the better.”  Los Angeles, California.


Online Psychotherapist for the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety and agoraphobia
Talk to an Online Therapist via Skype

“A truly unique and very effective approach for personal transformation. I thoroughly recommend this form of psychotherapy, and I like the convenience of home therapy sessions.”   New York.”



Internet therapy with an online therapist: Online Counseling through Skype - talk to a therapist online. Skype therapy with a Skype therapist.“Peter teaches that you must learn to make friends with your emotions. This was hard for me at first because I have been avoiding my emotions all my life. Now, I really see the power of this approach, because it has totally transformed my depression. I no longer feel as trapped as I did before. I feel much more positive about life and my confidence has returned.” Toronto, Canada. 


Online Therapy via Skype for anxiety and depression
Talk to an Online Therapist via Skype – Video Chat with a counselor or therapist

“I am an American living and working in London. Online Therapy through Skype has been really good for me. My experience has been very positive and I was very surprised at how easy it was to change my old emotional habits. As Dr. Strong teaches, it’s all about changing the way you relate to your emotions. I had been fighting them and avoiding them for years. When I started cultivating mindfulness and acceptance of my anger, everything started to change. Quite remarkable!” London, UK.




Online Mindfulness Therapy has helped so many people change for the better

Mindfulness Therapy is a combination of the well-respected principles of Buddhist Psychology and effective modern developments in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy (NLP). This approach really works because it teaches you how to work positively with your emotions. You will know after the first session if this approach is right for you, and I know that you will be very happy with the outcome. If not, there is no charge. On average, you can expect to see BIG improvements after 4-6 sessions.

  • Learn powerful mindfulness tools for managing stress and difficult emotions
  • Recognize and change patters of negative thinking
  • Heal and transform painful emotions at their core
  • Develop your True Self – It was always there, just obscured by negative thinking
  • Find significantly greater happiness in your life and relationships

Online Counseling Therapy with Dr. Strong – The Advantages:

  • Completely confidential and private so you can share openly
  • Online Therapy is incredibly convenient – no commute, no waiting
  • Online Therapy is available wherever you live in the US or abroad
  • Easy to fit into your busy schedule – You can talk to an Online Therapist at home or at work or when traveling. All you need is a laptop or smartphone and internet access
  • Online Therapy is ideal if you are unable to leave home; I have helped new mums with postnatal depression and other emotional issues
  • An Online Therapist is a good choice if you suffer from agoraphobia and social anxiety
  • Online Counseling is perfect if you cannot find a local therapist to help you
  • Online Counseling offers greater anonymity for you
  • Talking to an Online Therapist is less intimidating and more comfortable for you
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – You pay after a session and only if completely satisfied
  • Mindfulness Therapy is much faster than many other approaches: More cost-effective for you

Online Counseling Therapy Service

Online therapy which is also known as internet therapy, long-distance therapy, web-based therapy or e-therapy is becoming more widely accepted for providing treatment for anxiety, depression and other non-clinical emotional problems. An online psychotherapist or online therapist may easily communicate with you via the internet, usually via Skype. Online therapy may provide psychological support, mental and emotional well-being instructions or even the same kind of professional services received by clients in traditional face-to-face therapy.

Therapy online can take many forms, ranging from short consultations to answer a psychological question, or a continuous and long conversation aimed at helping you resolve an emotional issue like anxiety, depression or an addiction. It may also take the form of electronic mail (otherwise known as e-mail therapy), chat, video or even cyberspace phone call (known as voice-over-IP counseling).

There are now many clinical research studies showing that online therapy and particularly CBT-based online psychotherapy is very effective and equally effective to conventional in-person therapy. Therapy online is now becoming well established as an alternative to the older styles of psychotherapy.

Having therapy online, or psychotherapy online is undoubtedly more convenient and also offers greater privacy for the client, who may not want to be seen attending a therapist’s office. Online therapy offers new opportunities even though there have been arguments made about ethical issues such as general performance of therapy across the nation, how to handle cases of urgent attention, and ways to keep and protect the client’s medical records. Clearly, there are many online therapists and online psychotherapists who are well trained and well experienced in providing quality care. Online therapy may not be appropriate for medical conditions requiring medical treatment and medications, but it is certainly beneficial for the more typical client who is simply seeking help in managing difficult emotions, relationship problems and for treating non-clinical and non-psychotic forms of anxiety and depression.


Benefits of having online therapy and online psychotherapy

  • Having therapy online, or psychotherapy online is relatively affordable and often significantly less expensive than in-office visits, where there are often high overheads and high rent for the clinician’s office. But therapy online is much more affordable because you are not paying expensive rent for an office block, secretary and so on.
  • Online psychotherapy with the best online therapist will focus on helping you deal with any emotional issues you are having difficulty with. Typically, the online therapy format is very much more focused than the older style “talk therapies” and often much more creative in nature using more holistic approaches, such as the Mindfulness Therapy that I offer online.
  • Your therapist would work with you to find the cause of emotional and psychological imbalances. Once we have identified the underlying patterns of emotional reactivity then we can begin to change these in a very focused way using mindfulness-based techniques.
  • Comfort is also another benefit of having therapy and psychotherapy online. When you want to have therapy sessions, you don’t need to go anywhere except to your PC, or laptop – you can have therapy sessions in the comfort of your home. You have more freedom to express yourself during online sessions because it is definitely much less intimidating for most people.
  • Convenience, and time management are what you will enjoy from online therapy and online psychotherapy.
  • Quality of Service is another major benefit of having online sessions with a online therapist because you are able to pick and choose which therapist is best suited for your needs. It is much easier to determine this if the therapist has a website and an online presence that you can research before contacting him.

When might online therapy be a good choice for you

  • You live in an isolated community or rural area.
  • You are very busy; out of town because of work, or have a tight schedule.
  • If you have physical disability or mobility difficulties, such as fear of driving
  • If you prefer the greater privacy afforded by online therapy via Skype.
  • If you struggle with Social Anxiety Disorder or agoraphobia and find it difficult to talk to a therapist in-person.

When might online therapy NOT be a good choice for you

  • If you are suffering from a medical condition that is causing your anxiety or depression. For this you should always seek help from a medical doctor.
  • You are at risk of self-harm or of possibly causing harm to a partner or child

Ready to Schedule an Online Therapy Session?

Start by sending me an email and describe your needs and feel free to ask your questions about this Online Therapy Service. When you feel ready, you can schedule an Online Skype Therapy Session. Remember, that I provide a Satisfaction Guarantee and there is no charge if you decide not to continue. But, this has never happened yet…

  • Describe the emotional problems you wish to change through online therapy
  • Ask any questions you may have about online counseling
  • Schedule an Online Therapy session to fit your schedule




Session Times: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm MST Colorado

Peter Strong, PhD is a Professional Registered Psychotherapist, Teacher and Author, based in Boulder, Colorado.

“I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy for healing the root cause of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Traumatic Stress, PTSD and Addictions. I also offer Mindfulness-based Marriage Counseling Online.”

This Online Counseling Service for Individuals and Couples is available Worldwide via Skype.

Online Therapy with an Online Therapist

 Talk to an Online Therapist Today

Read my BLOG posts about Online Therapy

Online Counseling Therapy via Skype - Online Mindfulness Therapy
Talk to a Therapist via Skype

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Specializing in Online Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, PTSD and Stress, Addiction Counseling, OCD and Anger Management.

I am a professional psychotherapist specializing in Online Therapy and Counseling via Skype. Talk to a therapist online from the comfort of your own home. This online therapy service is available in the USA, Canada, UK and world-wide to all English-speaking people.

Today, more and more people are turning to the internet for help with anxiety and depression through an Online Counseling Therapy Service. People prefer the convenience of online counseling and find it much less intimidating.This service allows you to talk and see an online therapist face-to-face, but from the comfort of your own home via Skype.

ONLINE THERAPY FOR ANXIETY - Talk to an online therapist for effective treatment for anxiety
Anxiety is a major psychological cause of mental suffering in the US and results from habitual dysfunctional reactive thinking to stressful situations that present externally, as well as thoughts, beliefs and traumatic memories that arise internally. The problem is in how we react. Mindfulness Therapy teaches you how to be less reactive and more responsive. This breaks the Anxiety Habit.

ONLINE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION - Talk to an online therapist for effective treatment for depression
Depression describes a condition in which the mind reacts by contracting, and is associated with apathy, lack of energy and purpose. For serious depression you should seek medical help, but for general depression you need to build a healing relationship with your emotions. Mindfulness Therapy is an excellent choice for overcoming depression.

My specialty is Mindfulness Therapy, which works extremely well online via Skype. The focus of Mindfulness Therapy is to help you change the way you relate to your emotions so that you stop becoming a victim of the reactivity that creates so much suffering. We have to learn how to "sit" with our emotions without becoming reactive or consumed by them. It is only then, when you have a non-reactive relationship with the emotion that it can begin to change. This powerful mindfulness practice is one of the best approaches available for overcoming anxiety and depression. It is all about stopping the cycle of reactivity that feeds anxiety, depression and other forms of emotional stress.

Mindfulness Counseling Therapy Online - the modern approach for controlling anxiety, stopping panic attacks, overcoming depression and for effective stress management. Talk to a therapist online today!

Video url:


The Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy Online with Online Therapist, teacher and author, Peter Strong, PhD.
Skype-based Online Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Agoraphobia, Depression, Traumatic Stress & PTSD, Anger Management, Recovery from Addictions, Emotional Abuse Recovery, Eating Disorders & Bulimia, Insomnia, and other Emotional Problems: A convenient and effective Online Counseling Service that you can access from home or work using Skype.

Visit my website to learn more about this Online Counseling Therapy Service.


You might also like to watch this introductory video about Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression:
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To learn more about Treatment options for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, visit the National Institute of Mental Health:

See an Online Therapist for Anxiety. Talk to an Online Therapist for Depression.
To learn more about the effectiveness of online counseling see

This Online Counseling Therapy Service via Skype teaches you effective mindfulness-based methods for overcoming anxiety and depression and other emotional problems. Learn more about anxiety counseling online.

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  1. Having had a few sessions with Peter, I have found him to have an excellent understanding of the mindfulness (in the true Buddhist way it was intended) and in being able to explain it in a much clearer way than found elsewhere.
    I have found so many subtle differences in approach that it can be very easy to be misdirected on one’s own but with Peter’s help and clear understanding it was made much easier. I would very much recommend Mindfulness and a session with Peter

  2. My sessions with Peter have been transformational, I suffered with depression for many years, when my father passed away and I was very low I found Peter’s website, I had visited another therapist on one occasion, however I did not get a good empathetic feeling. I then contacted Peter and we started to have therapy sessions via Skype. Peter is kind, I have worked with my feelings and now have less Skype sessions than I initially needed, I am happily married and have a lovely dog and a beautiful home, none of this would have happened if I had not taken that big step and chosen to have therapy, it is a really hard step to take but it is the best thing I ever did, I would rather spend money on a session with Peter than buy a new top, although both if I can afford it! I see Peter less now, however if I do get a lull then Peter helps me to get back on my feet very quickly feeling alive and happy again, thank you Peter for all you have done for me. Gail Brentwood England

  3. It really is my great delight to check out your website and to appreciate your superb post here. I like them really a lot. I can really feel that you paid considerably attention to those articles, as all of them make sense and very informative.

  4. Working with Peter was refreshing, as his therapy techniques are completely different from what you might expect from a traditional therapist. His techniques focus on long-term wellness, and they work! Meeting with him through Skype is nice, too, as you can get help from the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend Mindfulness Therapy!

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